make what YOU make and make a LOT of it

Desknotes 1 christina rmozik

Find me encouraging? Print me! Cut me out and fold me up. Put me on your desk next to your favorite rock. Use me as a reminder to keep that chin where it belongs, sky high.



Over the past few years I’ve come across some ideas that are simple and encouraging. They have been important to me and have enhanced my making and changed how I think about making art. Because of this I think it’s important to pass them along- because doing this art thing can be tough-and we all could use a little more sparkle magic.

So every couple weeks you’ll find a postcard, from me to you, addressing influence, style, making, kindness, or whatever little realization has since popped into my brain. I hope you like them, and I hope you participate by letting me know your own thoughts, or what you’d like a little encouragement in.

All my love,