lets have a conversation

I’ve been spending a lot of my recent time in the coffee shop, drawing and making and laughing-getting to know other people around my town and other makers that also spend their days freelancing to the aroma of freshly ground heaven. It’s a tricky job, this art thing, there aren’t very many rules, and even fewer guidelines, but through these conversations with others of all ages and skill development, I’ve come across a few things that I think are true. Whether they are bits of advice from professors back in school or things I’ve figured out on my own, I’ve been thinking it only makes sense to share them on as many platforms as possible, because hey- we are all in this thing together. So my goal over the next few weeks is to share little things I’ve learned and expound upon them in hopes that it will get a dialogue going. Please feel free to interact, comment, lend an example, say the exact opposite-I’m after truth and conversation here-so join in. We all have something worthwhile to say. I’m hoping to be clear minded enough to post something once a week, as an experiment in sharing and listening, I’m looking forward to your thoughts and perceptions.